Personnel Administration Service - Outsourcing

Benefits We are a company specialized in Talent Management service. We are committed to differentiating solutions in Staffing, Human Capital Development & Managed Personnel, satisfying the needs of our clients for more than 36 years in the Latin American market. We understand the importance of satisfying and / or exceeding your expectations by delivering timely, high quality and cost effective services. We are experts in Recruitment and Selection, Outsourcing, Managed Personnel and Talent Evaluation, more than 600 multinational and national companies have relied on our services in massive recruitment projects, evaluations, personnel management (Outsourcing) and Testing Application, Consulting, Training, guaranteeing the “Job Fit” in each contract we carry out.

OUTSOURCING - Personnel Administration Service - Outsourcing We as your strategic business ally work hand in hand with you to create differentiating and flexible solutions in the area of Human Management. Our Personnel Administration service allows your organization to focus on developing areas of opportunity for your company, while we take care of your personnel from the hiring to the end of your contract. We are responsible for the administration of the benefits and labor relations of the staff, adhering to the labor laws of each Country, which guarantees the client a professional service. Our work methodology ensures confidentiality in the process and we take into account the organizational culture of the client, ensuring the best "match" in both the managed staff and the organization - our client. OUR OPTIONS: Our Outsourcing / Personnel Administration service is oriented to two types: · Temporary: Recommended for special projects, absences, work peaks and cover vacations. For this option the Recruitment and Personnel Selection service has a cost of a monthly salary of the position, for each selected candidate. · Permanent: Recommended for an indefinite work contract. For this option the Recruitment and Personnel Selection service has a cost of a monthly salary for the first recruitment of the position. After the project has started, all substitutions are included.




If the hired person leaves the company for any reason within the stipulated period, a replacement of similar characteristics will be achieved at no additional cost.