Some of our evaluation services:

Socioeconomic Studies Service
Job Portal
Ad Publication

Recruitment Services and Personnel Selection & Head Hunting

We attract the best talent for your company.

  • Management Positions
  • Middle Posts
  • Operating Levels
  • Mass Recruitment

Human Resources Strategy

We advise and build a Work Plan in your Human Resources department, with measurable results.

  • Strategic Human Resources Plan
  • Talent Matrix
  • Organizational Health Diagnosis

Organizational development

We do everything for you and we leave you as a result the result of our work the tool in Jobs.Net Line so that you can replicate it in the periods of time your company needs.

  • Monitor the Business Vibra
  • Labor Climate Surveys
  • Performance Evaluations by KPIs
    360 evaluations
  • Job Manuals
  • Labor Skills
  • Reasons for Departure
  • Position Lifting

Supporting services

  • Job Microsite
  • File Scanning
  • Reference Checks
  • Outplacement



We can apply them to the personnel that the company requires or we sell the tests by Volume or Memberships.

  • Psychometric test
    • DISC FuturaSuite tests
    • Psychometric test
  • Technical tests
    • Testing of Desires, Attitudes,
    • Interests and Values
    • Standard CEFR English Tests
    • Word and Excel tests
    • Accounting Tests