Skills Management Models Workshop

Skills Management Models Workshop


Aimed at: Human Resources Executives, Training, Training and Training, Human Talent Management.

Date: See the calendar of dates in your Country
Hours: 8.30 am to 4.30pm
Investment: U $ 199
Includes: Certificate of Participation, Coffee break, lunch, Access to Software and HR Tools

Place: Consult the Hotel

Contact: ​[email protected]  

Limited availability!

The Human Resources function plays a fundamental role in managing change in organizations.

New technologies in the area of Human Resources, talent management and its importance.

Objectives: That the participant acquires the knowledge, the technical tools and the skill that is required to be able to select a management model for labor competencies and be able to implement said model in the critical processes of human resources management of your company.

  • Identify the relevant contributions made by the posts to the mission, goals and results of the company’s business.
  • Explain the fundamental elements of a human resources administration based on competencies and compare it versus a classic scheme.
  • Analyze the concepts, criteria and technical foundations of the human resources management scheme based on job skills.
  • Explain the conditions and principles that are required to structure and administer a human resources management process based on competencies.
  • Review and analyze the application of skills management in the main areas of human resources management

Recruitment by Competences, Interview: STAR Methodology (Situation, Task, Actions and Results) Position Profile by Competences, Competencies Model and its characteristics, Includes Dictionary of Competencies, Utility, Applications, Benefits, Tests that measure competencies, Behavior. Create Job Profiles by Competencies, Compensation, Job Description by competencies, Performance Evaluation, Talent Matrix (9Box) Human Resources Strategy, Objectives, Training and Skills Development. DNC