Workshop: Human Resources 4.0 in the Digital Age

Workshop: Human Resources 4.0 in the Digital Age


Aimed at: Personnel in the Human Resources and Recruitment and Selection of companies area, as well as people interested in attracting talent and hiring staff

Date: See the calendar of dates in your City
Hours: 8.30 am to 4.30pm
Investment: U $ 199
Includes: Certificate of Participation, Coffee break, lunch, Access to Software and HR Tools
Place: Consult the Hotel

Contact: ​[email protected]  

Limited availability!

The Human Resources function plays a fundamental role in managing change in organizations.

New technologies in the area of Human Resources, talent management and its importance.

Objectives: Apply Recruitment and Selection according to each generation. Interview by competences. Apply technology in the process of attracting talent, making it more effective.

You will know the main strategies and tools of virtual search of candidates (social networks, professional platforms, blogs and internet) that allows a better segmentation of the candidates based on the generation to which they belong and the needs of the organization.

Learn about the process of integration of collaborators from different generations to the company, quickly impacting on productivity, profitability and value generation.

Innovation, Digital Age, HR Tools, Generational Changes, Social Networks, Networking, Skills Interview, STAR Methodology (Situation, Task, Actions and Results) Networking, Performance Evaluation, Talent Matrix (9Box), Virtual Assessment Center with Artificial Intelligence , Employer Branding, New Technologies, Onboarding, Engagement, Onboarding, Tools that generate commitment and adaptation to the company’s culture